The Marketing Plan

it’s about selling yourself, you are the product

1. Define your Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)

  • Vision: the position you would like to have
  • Mission: how you are going to achieve your vision
  • Values: what values characterize you

2. SWOT Analysis (must research!)

  • External: the market (OT) - what are the demands & needs of your market?
  • Internal: you (SW) - collect insights from your Feedback 360

3. Define Objectives

  • Professional: What do you want to do?
  • Personal : Who do you want to be?

4. Develop your Strategy (for achieving your Objectives)

5. Segmentation (a.k.a. - Positioning)

  • What is going to be my Target Market?
  • Who do I want to address?


4 P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

  • Product - YOU
  • Price - How much do you want to make? What kind of an offer am I willing to accept? (must research to find out what’s average)
  • Place - How are you going ot position yourself? (PERSONAL BRANDING)
  • Promotion - Public Relations, Ecommerce, Advertising


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